Marshall Flats

Marshall Flats
Marshall Flats, photo by Charles J. Fisher, 2004
Marshall Flats (rear structure)
Marshall Flats (rear structure), photo by Charles J. Fisher, 2004

Marshall Flats, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #823

Built: 1905  Declared: 11/02/2005

The original Colonial Revival front duplex was designed in 1905 by the architectural firm of Oliver Dennis & Lyman Farwell, and is located across the street from Arthur Benton’s own home. Mrs. Marshall was so impressed with Benton and his work that she had him design a one-story cottage at the rear of the property in 1907. In 1913, she had Benton redesign the cottage into the present two-story flats. Both structures have been restored to the appearance that existed after the completion of the 1913 changes.